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  • Are you a recreational cannabis shop?
    Our Bridgton location is a medical only dispensary, but we have a recreational shop in Hollis. Maine Only Hollis: 321 Hollis Rd, Hollis, ME 04042 (207) 298-9591
  • What is full spectrum?
    Full spectrum products not only have THC but also CBD, and other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and/or terpenes.
  • What are the different classifications for concentrates?
    Distillate - BHO - Solventless
  • What is distillate?
    Distillate is a highly refined concentrate that is almost exclusively THC - the terpenes are removed during the distillation process and added back in when making cartridges or kept excluded for edibles.
  • What is badder / sugar / BHO?
    BHO or “Butane Hash Oil” is the most common form of concentrate, commonly associated with “dabbing”. BHO can be any consistency from Sugar, to Badder, Shatter, or Sauce and is commonly sold based off the consistency and strain profile. Original plant terpenes are kept during the BHO extraction process making a product that tastes like the flower it came from.
  • What is rosin or hash rosin?
    Rosin is a solventless form of concentrate that is extracted using only water, and heat. This ends up with the highest quality product with the most amount of terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG.
  • What are terpenes?
    Terpenes give cannabis its scent and flavor, and also offer some medicinal benefits. They are naturally-occurring in all plants.
  • What are concentrates?
    Concentrates are highly concentrated forms of THC extracted from plant material. Concentrates are vaporized or smoked.
  • Are your products organic?
    Some products are MOFGA certified organic, inquire with your budtender to see current organic products!
  • What is a good starting dose for edibles?
    5-10 mg and add 5-10 mg each day until you find your proper dose.
  • How much can you buy?
    2.5 ounces per day for Maine Patients and 2.5 ounces every 2 weeks for out of state patients.
  • How do I obtain a medical card?
    Come to our free med card events, on the first and third Friday of the month. Call us to sign up for a slot!
  • What do first time patients get?
    A free preroll!
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